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I'm very happy to have found this community. All others seem interesting and informative, but the bummer amongst applying or getting accepted is you'd have to absolutely have a doll. In your hands ready to flaunt. As I said I am a newbie. But I've been admiring, contemplating, and been thoroughly finicky about what I've been desiring.

And I to want to be a mommy to a very life like doll(s). I've been looking around. Found only two that I like.

SD 13 Shiro Tachibana

Petit Enfant - Uriel Basic

I'm partial to boys. I want two little boys. But it seems that the Ai would be a little girl. They don't seem to clarify the sex. Why is the sex important...I don't know maybe its a better way of connecting to them?

I've tried to check out the Cresent Shop to look for availability and prices but it just wont accept my User Id. And I'm thinking that maybe the only way of attaining my boys is going through it the hard way. As I'm sure I'm not the only one who wishes they knew Japanese.

The Ai doesn't seem to be a difficult doll to attain. But my desired SD13 seems almost impossible.

Perhaps some of you could offer some advice? Alternatives? Maybe even criticism?

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